Where Women are Seen, Heard and Valued

Empowered Magazine is a monthly digital and print celebratory publication highlighting and recognizing the achievements of women making an impact locally, nationally and globally!

GOAL: Our goal is to shine the light on 1 Million Women who are making a difference around the world.

This is the decade for women to drive change!

Elevating and highlighting women role models is critical to advancing women personally and professionally.

Often times, Women just like you have been working in your profession serving others and doing a great job, however your accomplishments get overlooked and sometimes overshadowed and you are not being valued for the work that you do.

EMPOWERED Magazine was created for YOU!

Every month we highlight the accomplishments of women that are doing great things in the lives of their family and community. We realize that women who are teachers, bankers, nurses, lawyers, doctors, corporate professional, mothers, city, government and state workers, entrepreneurs, realtors and so many more professions are what makes the world a better place and without you doing your job we would not be a sustainable society. Now that’s real EMPOWERMENT!

EMPOWERED women lead, inspire, and motivate others to be more and do more!

EMPOWERED Women are our catalysts for change and inspire us all to DREAM BIG!

Every woman has a story. Your story does not define you; it EMPOWERS you!

We look forward to sharing your story with the World.


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Colorado | Texas | Georgia

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